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Interested in earning money for your organization? Create a team and get people to join your team.

WHO: Any school, non-profit, or community organization (i.e. sports team, booster, scouts program, etc.) can create a team.

HOW: Create a team through the registration page. The first person to create a team is the team leader. The team leader chooses the team name and inputs the charity name and address. Then, spread the word about your team and gather participants to support your cause. Your team members will register for the event and choose your team name and password upon registering.  The sooner you create a team, the more opportunity you have to get team members.

WHEN: All teams must be created during the pre-registration process. All team members must register online prior to the event. There will be no additions to teams on race day.

BENEFIT: Any registered team that has a minimum of 10 paid participants on their team will receive a donation in the amount of $100. The more participants, the more money a group can raise. For each additional participant registered an additional $10 will be awarded. For instance, if you team has 43 participants, your organization will receive a donation of $430. Checks will be mailed the week after the event.

If you wish to see the list of team members, please choose the team below. You will need to know the team password in order to see the team members.

Below is a current list of teams and the number of members on each team.

Teams for Pumpkin Pie - 2014

#shutupandsquat: 1 members

5-Clay: 5 members

Acts of Grace Foundation: 2 members

Admiral Adventure: 1 members

Adoption Exchange: 19 members

A La Modes: 8 members

Arthritis Foundation - JBR: 1 members

Ashley: 10 members

AXL Academy: 10 members

BAGEL DAWGS: 4 members

Blunt Force: 11 members

Carrier West: 26 members

Christen88: 1 members

Colorado Greyhound Adoption: 14 members

Colorado Youth Matter: 26 members

Color Bombshells: 1 members

Compass Montessori: 31 members

cream on top: 3 members

CSU Vet Med: 12 members

Dead Pumpkin Society: 3 members

Denver Animal Shelter: 38 members

Denver Broncos: 3 members

Denver Family Institute: 31 members

Denver Hokies: 2 members

Denver OA Runners: 5 members

Denver Waldorf School: 11 members

Dippy Cat: 0 members

Dog Condoms: Condoms for Dogs: 1 members

DougCo MRTT: 2 members

Drunkin' Punkins: 7 members

DU Dashers: 1 members

Ellis Elementary: 19 members

Eye on the Pie: 14 members

Fly Girls: 3 members

Flying Purple PumpkinPie Eaters: 11 members

For Elysa: 5 members

Free Horizon Montessori CSN: 45 members

Fresh Harvest Food Bank: 3 members

Frito Feet: 2 members

Fun PCK Teachers: 8 members

GCC Runners!: 15 members

GIVEMEPIE: 2 members

Global Hope: 2 members

GMES Falcons: 0 members

grandmas girls: 3 members

History Colorado Center: 9 members

HPE: 7 members

Hungry Hungry Hippos: 1 members

I bleed Red White & Blue: 3 members

IMAke Running Look Easy (sort of): 20 members

Insensitive history: 2 members

JDRF: 8 members

Kaia Pie Eaters: 7 members

Kleine: 0 members

Kylie Ethan: 0 members

Littleton Equine Medical Center: 3 members

Martha Stewart and The Mile High Slammers: 1 members

MeanStack: 5 members

Mile High Weimaraner Rescue: 17 members

Miracle House: 6 members

Mischievous Badgers: 3 members

Mount Carbon GEMS: 69 members

My Team Triumph: 12 members

Need More Cowbell: 3 members

Nek Minnit: 6 members

No Excuses: 2 members

No Limits Fitness: 1 members

None: 2 members

PawsCo: 43 members

Pecan Pie : 4 members

P.E.T.E. Runners: 4 members

Pie For Kaia: 0 members

Pie in the Sky: 1 members

Piggy Pies: 15 members

Pilgrim Posse: 1 members

Polton Elementary PTCO: 48 members

Pumpboo Pie: 2 members

pumpkin: 1 members

Pumpkin 3.14159: 9 members

Pumpkinators: 4 members

Pumpkin Heads: 5 members

Pumpkin Patrol: 13 members

Punkins: 0 members

Purple People Eaters: 2 members

Reading Partners Colorado: 70 members

Red Pinstriped Corn Husking Seahawks: 5 members

Rees Bacon Bits: 1 members

Riikka's Runners: 10 members

ROCKSTARS!: 3 members

Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue: 34 members

Runners Roost: 1 members

Runnin' and Poopin' for a Cure: 1 members

Running Eagles: 39 members

Running for Aven: 16 members

Run to eat.... YUM!: 2 members

Sharpsters: 4 members

SlimTurkeys: 3 members

Smashing Pumpkins: 6 members

Stepping Stone Support Center: 11 members

Sweat, Regret, and Oxygen debt: 3 members

Sweet Potatoes: 3 members

Team-Pumkin Pi: 5 members

Team Akerman: 1 members

Team Andrew: 16 members

Team Awesome: 16 members

Team Blerch: 1 members

Team Discovery: 5 members

Team Happy Birthday: 2 members

Team Joumou: 24 members

Team Kunz: 0 members

Team Kylie & Ethan: 16 members

Team Rocky: 4 members

Team Ryne: 12 members

Team Sanchez: 2 members

Team UnBEElieavable: 14 members

Team Worthen: 2 members

TGIP: 8 members

The Bomb Squad: 1 members

The Jerks: 1 members

The Main Event: 5 members

The Pumpkin Posse: 5 members

The Running Rams: 4 members

The SuperFriends: 4 members

The White Team: 2 members

Tiger Natural Gas: 4 members

TNT Alumni Friends & Family: 2 members

Tom's Team: 25 members

Tone It Up Colorado: 4 members

Trypto-Fans: 2 members

Turk88: 1 members

Turkey Gobblers: 2 members

Turkey Trotters: 7 members

Two Angels Foundation, Inc.: 1 members

vista vixens: 1 members

Warren Village: 9 members

We heard there was pie...: 26 members

Whip It: 9 members

Worry Less Do More: 8 members

WWF615: 5 members

Young Americans Center: 5 members

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